Get Sync'd

TuneSync™ allows you to sync your iTunes playlist and songs with your Android™ device. It copies the unprotected music to your SD card and creates playlists that match your iTunes playlists. TuneSync™ does this all over your wifi connection. There is no need to connect your Android™ device to your PC or Apple Mac.

Download Now

Step 1: Download and install the TuneSync™ Windows or OS X host.
Step 2: From your Android™ device, download and install the TuneSync™ or TuneSync Lite™ app
Step 3: On the Android™ device, type in the computer name you wish to sync with
Step 4: On the Android™ device, select the playlists you wish to sync with
Step 5: TuneSync™ will now start copying your music files over in the background. TuneSync™ will also keep your device synchronized on a regular basis over your Wi-Fi connection without ever connecting it to your PC.

See the setup guide for a detailed setup.

TuneSync Lite™

TuneSync Lite™ is limited to 20 songs for 1 playlist.

Purchase TuneSync™

You can purchase TuneSync™ through Google Play or Amazon Appstore.

Android App on Play     Amazon appstore


  • Windows computer running iTunes, .Net 4.0 Runtime or Apple Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard or 10.7 Lion
  • Wifi LAN Connection for WiFi sync
  • Android™ Device 1.6 or higher